Windows 10 Inspired Raspberry Pi 2 Case

rpi2wincaseWhile the world is still waiting for Windows 10 to arrive for the Raspberry Pi 2, I already prepared my Raspberry Pi 2 (cosmetically speaking) for that day. Check out the cool 3D printed case on the right, featuring the Windows logo!

Credit where credit is due: I didn’t design the case myself. On Thingiverse (“a thriving design community for discovering, making, and sharing 3D printable things”) I found a nice case featuring the Raspberry Pi logo. Since it seemed impossible to edit the 3D print files (.STL files) and replace the raspberry with the Windows logo, I got in touch with the author to get the source files. While explaining why I wanted to have them, he was so kind to actually create a Windows inspired case himself! So thank you user Aurelius from Thingiverse! You can download the .STL files from here, the top I printed is called “raspberry2b_top_logo_w10.stl”.

And don’t forget, even if Windows 10 is not yet available, as a .NET developer you can start writing code on the Pi today. Check the articles on my blog, a good starting point is Getting started with the Raspberry Pi 2, for .NET developers.

  2 comments for “Windows 10 Inspired Raspberry Pi 2 Case

  1. Jeremiah
    March 20, 2015 at 1:39 pm

    Oh, man, when is Windows going to be available for that thing? I wanna playyyyyy

    You’re in the beta/pre-release, I can feel it.

    • Jeremiah
      March 20, 2015 at 1:48 pm

      Oh, and my employer has an NDA with Microsoft, and I have a real-world project where a Raspberry Pi running Windows would be ideal, and the software I need to run only runs on Windows… It is frustrating to wait, that’s all. I know I could probably get some access if I knew the right person to speak to within Microsoft, but I don’t know the right person(s).

      So frustrating!

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